It's amazing how time few by and oh so quickly. I'd like to first thank you all for visiting the site. Boheme Westwood was a vision for nearly two years now and with hard work and long sleepless nights, it has finally come into fruition. When it comes to our brand, we have so many plans and ideas that we are excited to execute. I won't go into detail on that at the moment, but there are definitely major brands and influencers we have our eyes on, that we'd love to work with in the near future. Secondly, we want to thank you all for being patient when it came to the date changes. We all know that due to the current circumstances (the pan.dem.ic), lots of business were affected and are just now beginning to get back in the swing of things. Do you know that even some shipping carriers may still be a little "backed up" with inventory placed just late last year? Because of this, our opening dates has changed 3 times since the originally date we first set, for earlier this year. It was mostly due to backorders and unforeseen delays and issues with manufactures and customs, but I believe it may have been the universes why of saying, "It's not time yet. Just wait!" Listen, we know how to step back when red flags and warnings present themselves. Plus, we didn't want you, our customers, experiences anymore issues. We hope that you understand. At the end of the day, that just gave us more time to make sure all of our candles and all other items were created properly, burning right with no issues, and that we could give you the best quality possible. 

So to end this, we want to say again, thank you all for your patience and for all your encouraging words... it was truly unmatched. I also want to thank those who have volunteered their time making sure shipment boxes were stored and protected, phone calls and emails were placed/answered, and making sure the studio was cleaned and items were sterilized. Special thanks to our family and friends who also helped to make this day took off without a hitch. We love you! So without further ado, we hope you love the new website and oh, make sure to sign up to become a BOWE Insider. We have some awesome perks and things for you all, in the current months to come.


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